Insurance for your new car is a very important financial decision, and shouldn’t be organised in a rush. All financial decisions should be made only after appropriate research and consultation. Start investigating your new auto insurance options long before you finalise the purchase of your new car.

New car insurance, like any other major financial commitment, should be purchased with caution, after careful research and consideration. Identify the new auto insurance best suited to your needs, choose the insurer offering you the best deal, and then allow for the cost of your new vehicle insurance in the budget for your new vehicle purchase.

Factors Affecting Your New Car Insurance

When pricing their new car insurance, insurers will consider a wide range of variables. The market is competitive, so they want to hold premiums as low as possible, but at the same time, they are in business to make a profit, so they need to charge you enough to cover their overall risk.

For these reasons, insurers will look at the statistics, and try to identify any factor which influences the likelihood of you making a claim, or the size of the claim.

This is why the cost of the vehicle is a major consideration, along with obvious variables like your driving record, and the ages of the regular drivers of the vehicle. If you vehicle has safety features, which make a personal injury claim less likely, or reduce the likely size of a claim, it will reduce your new car insurance premium accordingly. And if your new vehicle is a make or model which is particularly likely to be stolen or damaged, you will, unfortunately, be paying a whole lot more for your new auto insurance.

Some insurers consider credit score, hopefully on the basis of statistics, although it is not immediately obvious that there is a direct connection.

There are also factors which you can control to some extent. Many insurers will allow you to choose the amount of your deductible, or excess – this is the contribution payment you make when you make a claim. Some insurers charge you the deductible for every claim, while others will only charge you if you are at fault. The higher the deductible, the less the claim costs the insurer, so choosing a higher deductible can reduce your new car insurance premium.

How To Get New Car Insurance

The easiest way to get new auto insurance is to phone your insurer and ask for a “cover note”. This temporary new car insurance will cover your vehicle for a few days, while you complete the necessary paperwork for your full new vehicle insurance.

New car insurance in important, and often overlooked or rushed. Take the time to shop around, and really understand your options. Read the find print, ask questions, and make sure your new auto insurance really provides the cover that you need.

There is nothing worse than getting to the point of making a claim, only to discover that your new vehicle insurance doesn’t cover whatever just happened to your car. The $2.50 per month that you saved on the premium suddenly doesn’t seem like such a good deal, then.