Short term car insurance is exactly what it sounds like. It is car insurance you that you can purchase for a shorter period of time than the traditional bi-annual policies we are accustomed to. There can be situations when you will find you will need it in addition to your regular coverage or there may be times when you would consider it instead of a regular 6 month policy. Do you really want to insure your car for the whole year when you know you aren’t going to need it the whole 12 months? Of course you don’t. If you’ve had the feeling that there just had to be a more practical way make whatever it is your situation calls for simple, affordable and of course,

legal, then you should start looking into this as an alternative option. By stopping in here and taking a little time to familiarize yourself with what will be expected of you, it will be a just a few questions and clicks away from acquiring quotes on the necessary coverage which you help customize with your insurance provider. You’ll know in a short period of time if you do a little comparison shopping you just might see that would be a much better plan it can save your considerable amount of cash while providing you with comprehensive coverage.

There are any number of reasons might you need some short term coverage. Every driver has different needs and different drivers are looking for varying levels of protection. Whether you are a ‘worrywart’ and hyper-vigilant about being covered for any emergency, or you rarely worry at all about what could happen, because you are in a rush to get something done, you are going to have to learn just enough about short term car insurance to set it up. First and foremost, whether you like it or not, if you are driving a car, you have to have insurance. It makes no difference if you are going around the block or across the country; it’s the law. If that isn’t enough to motivate you to do the responsible thing, then think of it as a pre-emptive strike just in case you need to “CYA”. Who doesn’t have a nightmare of a story to tell about someone they knew who for some reason or another had been involved in an accident with an uninsured vehicle or driver that had resulted in fines, legal fees, and loss of income. An accident that cost so much that they had to spend every penny that they had to fix the problems that came along because of the one time they did something really stupid, and ignored the law and drove without insurance.

All of the primary national insurance companies offer a variety of different plans starting with a bare bones, no frills type of short term car insurance which just meets your legal requirements. For the driver who wants more, your insurance rep can take you through the levels of plan coverage than can offer you elaborate policies with all the bells and whistles you might need to make you feel comfortable about your time spent on the road. There is no reason not to have your all the normal car insurance coverage including: collision coverage, liability, comprehensive coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, hospitalization and medical payments, it that is what you want. Just like uninsured motorist coverage you have in included on your regular annual policy, you can customize your short term car insurance policy by choosing your own deductibles. Once you have discussed your options, and decided exactly how you want your policy written, your policy holder will then quote you a price and let you know if they are planning to bill you a predetermined flat rate along with that payment due with your regular bill or if they will require the payment in full and in advance.

Here is a good example of when would you need short term car insurance. Let’s say your car died unexpectedly and you are in the market for brand new car. After shopping around you find the car of your dreams and the dealer tells you it is on back order at the factory. Your beautiful new car will not be delivered for at least 8 to 12 weeks. You are still going to have to get around, go to work, etc, so now you are forced to by an old ‘bucket of bolts’ to drive. After all, you have to get around somehow, until the new car you have ordered from the factory is made and delivered. That means you are only going to be driving the car for 60 to 90 days. This is one of the times you do not need or want a standard one year insurance policy. Sometimes you can buy a regular policy, and when the times comes that you no longer need it you can cancel it before expires, but that is rarely accomplished without being charged cancellation penalties or losing your investment. After paying for all that insurance some people are reluctant to dump the old car and just take the loss and they end up keeping the old car, because it, after all, insured and who knows when you might have a car emergency and it will come in handy. To me, that is a kind of an expensive ‘Just in case car.’ So, if money is no object and you have room for multiple junky old cars, go ahead and waste your money.

It’s times like this that a savvy car insurance shopper gets just wants he needs and nothing more. It’s time to stop throwing your money away. You should only pay to have insurance on that period of time when you would actually be driving the car.

Don’t be confused by uninformed friends or family who raise concerns as to whether or not a short term car insurance policy is limited to comprehensive coverage. You are entitled to all the features and the same options you have now with your regular insurance. It just doesn’t last as long.

Don’t buy into the belief that a short term car insurance policy is a shady deal, just because it is only for a limited time. The coverage it provides will still be quite excellent. Deciding how the policy is written and if this is going to meet all your requirements will take a little time and nosing around, asking for options and quotes from as many online companies you can. Use this opportunity research the companies you already know and trust while comparing them with other companies you might want to use in the future.